Subclass 188A: Business Innovation Stream

Why is 188A suitable for Small & Medium-sized Business Owner?
1. Up to 5 years’ Visa & Low turnover requirement
188A required that the business tax return turnover is AUD$750,000, although that is higher than previous policy, but it is still easy to meet.

2. Loose Assessment & High Success Rate
188A has relatively low requirements for the applicant’s family net assets and business background, and it is much more flexible in terms of funding source explanation and document preparation

3. Low Requirement & Flexible Choices
188A is current business migration pathway with the lowest investment requirement. The investment method is also very flexible. You can set up a local company or buy an established business, such as small retail stores, restaurants or real estate development companies, you can choose freely

4. Guaranteed Kids’ Education
During the period of 188A temporary permanent residence visa, their children can enjoy almost the same educational benefits as local students, and they can go to public schools for free