Subclass 188C: Significant Stream

Why is 188C suitable for the rich man?

1. No Language, Score & Experience Requirements

188C is the most “capricious” immigration pathway. It has almost no requirements for applicants, only needs to meet the asset requirements of AUD $5 million and invest in accordance with the requirements of the immigration department.

2. Fast Approval

Compared with other immigration pathway, 188C has the fastest review process and can be granted within 6-9 months at the earliest.

3. Easy Explanation of funding Sources

Compared to Canada’s “Break the Casserole and Ask the End”, it is relatively simple to review the source of the applicant’s assets.

4. Asset Allocation is synchronized

High net worth individuals generally have the need for overseas investment. At present, the Australian dollar is at a lower exchange rate which enables applicants to migrate while having allocation of family assets with multi-currency and profit from the exchange rate after rising.